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Mecate Reins & Slobber Bars

Mecate Reins  -  44.00
(5/8", Black only)

Slobber Bars, plain  -  $18.00
Slobber Bars, lined -  $30.00
Slobber Bars, lined & stamped -  $35.00


Also available tooled
and in other styles,
contact us for details.



Cruppers, Crupper Forks & Britchen handcrafted by REED TACK

(1) Flax-filled crupper  -  $35.00
Adjustable will roller buckle

(2) Crupper Fork  -  $15.00
Attaches to rear rigging D's
Crupper snaps on.
Eliminates need for rear "D" in saddle.

Britchen by Reed Tack  -  $125.00
Includes several adjustments.  Will fit several animals.

Be sure to include measurements with your order
(inches around hip from flank swirl to flank swirl)



Headstalls, Canteen & Reins handcrafted by REED TACK

(1) Canteen - $80.00
other styles available, contact us for details

(2) Brow-band headstalls - $40.00
Select Straight, Knot or Vee style

(3) One-ear headstall - $23.00

(4) Snap crown headstall - $60.00

(5) 3/4" reins, roping - $18.00
      3/4" reins, split - $30.00

Please Scroll Down for additional pictures
of different styles of the products.



Breast Collars & D-rings handcrafted by REED TACK

Choker Breast Collar -  $75.00
Lined Breast Collar  -  $85.00
Small, fits mule 50 - 55"
Medium, fits mule 56 - 58"
Large, fits mules 59" and up

Mule Breast Collar -  $75.00
Size Large Only

Martingale Breast Collar -  $135.00
Contact us for custom sizing

CHOKER BREAST COLLAR - allows relief for your mule's airway.  It is open across the front of the neck and frees up the shoulder for more movement.

The MULE BREAST COLLAR is a Reed Tack exclusive, designed to work like the choker, but it is narrower making it better suited for mules with a thick neck.  Because it is narrower, it is available lined-only.

The MARTINGALE BREAST COLLAR is a traditional collar that is designed to lie on the shoulders and not interfere with movesment.


 NOTE:  All collars on this page require D-Ring attachments at the catcher location on the saddle to fit properly (see photo).  D-Ring Attachments  -   $10.00 / pair










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