Commercial Products available at  REED TACK

5 Star Equine Products - Saddle Pads
30" x 30" x 3/4" natural (grey) pad, horse or mule
other sizes available, call for pricing

 Custom Made by Montana Cinchas
100% Mohair Cincha 
straight sizes 22 - 34 - $70

Stainless Steel Monel Stirrups with leather treads and wear leathers.
Call for pricing.

Examples of varioius types of NETTLES STIRRUPS avaliable.
Call for pricing.

Can be customized with Concho Headed Sitrup Bolts!

Wyoming Traders Wool Vest  ~  Various Sizes and Colors

Call for pricing.

We will work with you and can fit your horse for a customized
Dakota Saddle that fits your needs.

Call for more information!



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